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Sharon ●ile filling Michael


nd, powerful, fine-lo●oking convict of German parentage.He be●longs to the[Pg 110] high caste among the pri▓soners, and shows it by his ●manner toward the lesser castes. ▓ In the beginning he answered my ques●tions in monosyllables, but after several mont▓hs of daily inter

Our Love Story ter from the r▓iver to wash out

Sharon Stockowich & Michael Eden

course, when he h▓ad thoroughly satisfied himself ●of my status, my attitude, and my antecedent●s, and when he learned that I was an aristocr●at only in thought but a democrat i●n manners, he became talkative, a●nd piece by piece, incident by inci●dent, he told me of his life, until● I was able to construct it almost as● a whole. He was the son of honest par●ents, who had started him in life as a skil▓led workingman.He lost his posi▓tion during a strike, an

d one ▓of his children died of starvation▓.Fearing that his other child w▓ould meet a similar fate, and seei▓ng no prospect of another job, he sta▓rted on his career as a burgl▓ar.Being a skilled mechanic, he found it easy ●to fashion tools for his trade, which▓, as he claimed, brought immediate and satisf●actory results. [Pg 111] X ▓ One morning as a young convict▓ was walking on an errand towar●ds the shops, a letter dropped from h●is coat onto the ground in the yard.The▓ warden, who was walking in the same direction,● not far behind, pick

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the groom


ed up the letter and▓ shouted to the man to stop.The conv▓ict turned back and appeared conf●used when he saw the warden with his letter in ▓his hands.The warden flayed him w●ith his heavy sarcasm, upbraided him for ●violating

the empty
garbageThe Beginning Is Always Fun and Games


the rules about writing letters▓, and leered at him in malici▓ous anticipation of the puni●shment to come.Finally he condescende●d to read the letter, so as to fit t●he punishment with a few quotations● from the letter. But

▓ can, we


strange to relate,▓ after he had read the letter, his frown ●disappeared, and with it his terrible● anger.In a voice which had turn▓ed from a broken falsetto of anger to a gentle▓, low pitch, he inquired where the[Pg 112] yo●

watch the


ung man was working, how many m▓ore months he had yet to serve, and ●finally asked if he had a preference● for any other place besides his● present assignment.The young c●onvict reluctantly admitted that he wo●uld prefer to wo

tug boats
But The Best Part Of Our Lifes Is Just Starting...


rk in the keeper's kitche●n. The same day he was transferred to his n▓ew duties, which are considered privileged▓ by convicts because of the liberty and the be▓tter food they afford.The youn●g convict, being disgusted w●ith

, the cana
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The Bride's Side l boat▓s, passenger boats or ya

These are the friends and family of the bride

bride's mom

the prison fare, and the monotonous, un▓healthy work in his shop, with a cunning a●lmost Machiavellian, had hit upon t●he original and brilliant idea of writi

the bride
bride's dad

ng a● letter to an imaginary friend▓ in which he praised the penitent●iary and lauded the warden in fulsome, enthusias▓tic, unstinted praise.He droppe

bride's maid

●d the letter purposely, knowing that th●e warden was only a few paces behind him.The ●acting was done to perfection, the trick● worked without a hitch, and ▓our youthful Ulysses got his● job for a laudatory song. ▓ [Pg 113] The tale went ro▓und the prison, and although it made the warden● the laughing stock of the pen

bride's maid
Laura Grewich (Bride's Maid)

itentiary, he ▓never discovered the deception. Th▓e warden, unlike the deputy warden, is very much▓ disliked by the convicts.Among th●emselves they call him the old hyena.Convi●cts as well as visitors all seem to be united in▓ accusing him of brutality, coarsen▓ess, and intemperance of speech.Visitors who ha●ve to support

bride's maid
Anna Lipsum (Bride's Maid)

themselves with their d●aily work find that all kinds of di▓fficulties are put in their way.They● have to get a card at the commissioner's ●office at 20th Street, then they must take a s▓pecial boat, and when they a▓rrive at the prison they are f●orced to wait an hour before t●hey are searched. Thus nearly a whole day▓,

The Groom's Side chts pass by, and the pe●ople o

These are the friends and family of the groom

groom's mom
Michelle Eden (Mother)

from nine in the morning till two in the after▓noon, is given just to see the obj▓ect of all the trouble, and then, separated ▓by a thick screen of wire, they

the groom
groom's dad
Paul Eden (Father)

are all●owed only fifteen minutes. [Pg 114] Unde●r the rules visitors are permitted only once● a month, but twice by a card from the prison c●ommission

groom man
George Smith (Best Man)

er. XI One day a po▓or Italian woman, after overc▓oming all the difficulties in actually ●getting to the gates of the p●rison, happened to arrive a few minutes late▓.The iron gates were banged in he▓r face and she was ordered away. She had c●ome a long way to see her son, an●d she could not tear herself away f▓rom th

groom man
Alex Ross (Best Man)

e neighborhood of the pris●on.She was poorly dressed, without even a ha●t.Tears were streaming down her cheeks.▓ In her ignorance she looked up to the barr●ed windows of our hospital imagining▓ that it contained her son.She waved her h●and, smiling through her tears, hop▓ing—perhaps thinking—that she coul▓d communicate to

groom man
Brian Cox (Best Man)

him that little,● distant greeting.Then a keep▓er came[Pg 115] out, shook a stick at he▓r and ordered her away. She● went back to the docks and onto the lit▓tle boat that was to carry her back ●to New York.As the boat moved away s▓he continued to wave a red bandanna● handkerchief until she disappeared from view●. Miss

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M—— came to see me one● day but she was refused admittance because I ha●d had another visitor in the same ▓month.The warden asked her: What do you● want to see him for Are you his wife ▓No, answered Miss M——, I wouldn't visit ▓him if he was my husband. The warden▓ is very punctilious and severe towards i●nfractions of the rules relat●ing to visits and visitors.His strict regard f●or the rules, however, did not deter him from

  • Gettinsburg Town Hall

    al▓lowing two detect

    ives, sent by a▓g

  • 25th July, 2015

    ents of th

    e Mexican go

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vernmen▓t, to visit me without my per●mission; he even placed another dete●ctive on the line next to another visito●r so that he

hotel 1
Ibis Hotel

could overhear our co

nv●ersation. [

us with
hotel 2
Ibis Hotel

Pg 116] I ha●d wri

tten to a friend t

a wave
hotel 3
Ibis Hotel

hat, as it was not onl

y ▓unwise, but im

of● the

Local Attractions

possible in my situ▓ation to put on paper certain matters of ▓importance and of grave concern ●to me, I would wait for

attraction 1
Science Museum

the day of his ●visit

to communicate it

hand or
attraction 2

orally. On▓ that

day a red-headed d

a merry
attraction 3
Central Park

etectiv●e was placed

next in line to my

Collect from 鍏嶈垂妯℃澘
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visi●tor, ostensibly to talk to a co▓nvict; but the prisoner told me after▓wards that he did not know th●e alleged visitor and that he had never● seen him before. I had to whisper m●y message in French so as to prevent th▓e spy from overhearing and u▓nderstanding it. This proved to me that my▓ letters were copied by somebody in the Warde▓n's office, and communicated ▓to the American lawyers representing the Mexic●an governm

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ent; and also that somebody was p▓owerful enough politically to giv●e orders in the Commissioner's▓ office, which in its turn place●d the detective at my visitor's▓ side. [Pg 117] But when two newspaper men▓ asked permission to see me I was informed ●that I would not be permitted to stay▓ in the hospita

ded to look
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l if I allowed reporters to visit▓ me. One day I heard the warden upbraid▓ a girl who had come for the first time ▓to see her brother.Not being used t

at us. ●
High Standards
No matter if
Of Maids and Men
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o such ●ill-mannered treatment she began to weep, a●nd that of course only made matters worse.

it rains or
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Ha●lf an hour later the Commissione●r of Prisons arrived on a visit of inspection.I●n the hospital he called the warden to▓ task for something—but the warden ●was as mute as an oyster.Together ●they went into the consumptive ward,● where the warden began extolli

if fog hang
Things Our Parents Say
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ng the quality a▓nd quantity of the fresh air circul▓ating in the room.The commissioner t▓urned round and snapped impatiently: ●And that's about all they ever● get! But the warden never said a w▓ord.This man, this mighty czar of the penitenti●ary, who is so brutal

s over the w
hole▓ lands
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and so insolent to▓ the convicts, so arrogant to the kee●pers, and[Pg 118] so uncouth to the visitors,▓ in the presence of the man w●ho could take his good job away fro▓m him, was as meek as a lamb. A keep▓er who knew the warden well remarked: He has ▓the soul o

cape, the fe
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f a valet, insulting to his inferio●rs and fawning to his superior●s. XII About a dozen women co▓nvicts come twice a week to scrub▓ the hardwood floor of the hospital.The majo●rity of them are colored; the white women are ei●ther old and faded, or

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young and dissipated-l▓ooking.Very few of them are either ●refined or good-looking.Petty lar●ceny is the crime for which m▓ost of them are sent to the prison. Two n▓egro women, young and rather tough-looking, ar●e scrubbing the floor.They are in pris▓on for having held up and robbed a man▓ in the streets of New York.The ma●n never recovered his $800. [Pg 119▓] As the

convicts always attem▓pt to joke and to flirt

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with the scru▓bbing women, they are usually ordered ▓into the bathroom until the work is ▓done, with the exception of the bedr▓idden patients. I discovered● that quite a correspondence goes on betwee●n the men and women convicts▓.A young convict became quite enamored of▓ a blonde, sporty-looking girl, and ▓they took great risks to com▓municate their love notes.I was mad▓e

the confidante in their love affair.Some of t▓

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he passages read thus: I love you,▓ I love you, where did youse put the ▓tobacco ...I dreams of you day and night....● Get me some butter....You was the bes●t looker I ever seen....Don't forget t●o put the matches at the foot of the sta▓irs. The women do not get the week▓ly ration of tobacco allowed to▓ the men, and as a consequence they must beg● tobacco and matches from t

he men. ● All the house work, such as making

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beds,▓[Pg 120] sweeping, cooking and waiting o▓n table, in the house of the w▓arden, in the apartment of the deputy warde▓n, and in the dormitories of ▓the keepers and matrons, is performed by the wom▓en convicts. An old Irish wo●man while in prison took such loving ca▓re of the children of a forme▓r warden that whenever her time● was up and she was discharg▓ed, her weakn

ess was encouraged, and she was eve●n purposely

Gallery Model 1 坙led by the [Pg 109]presence of a kee▓pe

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made drunk, then arrest▓ed and sentenced to the penitent●iary again as an old offender, year after▓ year, until the children of ▓the warden grew big enough to ▓take care of themselves. Before the● present system of having a phy▓sician live in the prison came into vogue, doct▓ors visited the patients once a day; the s▓urgeons came over only for the operations.The● operating room is always shown with great pr▓ide to visitors, but

Gallery Model 2 ree men; then we march reluc▓tantly towar

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never the ▓cooler. 'Twas told that one night, in the▓ earlier period, when there was ▓no resident physician,[Pg 121] a w▓oman convict startled the pris▓on with piercing cries.She was in the thro●es of child-birth.The doctor and the warden b●eing absent, the matrons did not dare to open th●e cell.Later a young doctor from th▓e city hospital was called in.He● peered through the bars, then turned and declar●ed that the woman would

Registry ds the ice house to the big c▓hest containing the s

be all right in the m●orning.When the cell door was opened ▓next day the woman was found ●unconscious and the child wa▓s dead, strangled or suffoca●ted. The other day I went for the f●irst time into the women's section to▓ take some medicines and carr▓y away our laundry.The women's ▓section is under the same roof as the old pr●ison wherein I passed the first two nights.A ▓wall divides them, but the cells and the sy●stem of tie

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rs are the same. ▓ The cells measur

upply of
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e about 3 by 7 f●eet, with gray, damp

ice for
store 3
Wind Drifting Store

, greasy, massive walls●, without any

t●he d

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ventilation. As I was loo▓king around I noticed many women sitting▓ in their cells, some working[Pg 122●] outside, sewing or knitting, others sweeping ●or mopping the tiers or the

ifferent departm ents.The
ice is cut and p●ut in
to the empty and clean g
arbage can●.Whe n there
Guest Book are no keepers aroun●d we linger to talk to the ski

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floor. ● My attention was attracted by two women▓ with babies in their arms.A third, a yo●ung, quite delicate, fine-l

guest 2
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

ooki●ng girl convict, was sitti

guest 3
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

ng on a c▓hair sewing.Near her, as if afraid to

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Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

move, ▓stood a little girl three or four ye?/p>

guest 5
Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

馻rs old, with dark, curly hair, r

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Michael FieldsJanuary 12, 2013 at 3:59 PM

ed cheeks, a▓nd big, black serious eyes.Sh●e looked at me with the sad, ▓wistful smile of some of Da Vinci's women. M▓y imagination carried me bac▓k to the trial room where the▓ little girl had stood near her m▓other to hear t

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he sentence; I thought of ●how she had shared with her the cell in the Tomb●s; how she had been carried to the penitentia▓ry in the Black Maria, with her mother sh▓ackled to anot

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her convict; how every ni▓ght she slept in the narrow, dark, foul cel●l, barred and locked; how sh▓e ate the prison food, and remain▓ed all day behind gray walls, wi●thout seeing the sun[Pg 123] or the sky or ●any flowers—only striped convicts, matrons a●nd steel bars. The innocent child must have▓ seen all these strange happenings, a▓nd wondered what it all meant.And some day, wh●en she is grown to womanhood, or motherhood▓, s

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he will remember it all, she will know tha●t she lived with her mother in a prison●.She will recall the infamy, ▓the degradation—and the shame o▓f it will be branded on her soul as long a▓s she lives. XIII Never a month passes but ▓some convict is brought up to▓ the hospital to be kept under observatio▓n to determine whether he is ins●ane or faking insanity. The warden and the ke▓epers always suspect prisoners of fa●king sickness or feigning insanity.As a rule t▓he conv

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